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About Us

Clements Fire District provides emergency service 

to approximately 120 square miles in the North Eastern corner of San Joaquin County. The district is staffed 24 hours a day with three personnel, which includes a minimum of two EMT's. Clements Fire District provides an all hazards response to emergencies such as; structure fires, vegetation fires, water rescues, traffic collisions, and hazmat incidents.

Mission Statement

To protect life, property, and wildland, in order to enhance the economic, environmental, and social benefits derived from these resources within the boundaries of the District.  To provide "all risk" services to Clements and surrounding communities, the District will maintain cooperative agreements with Local, State and Federal agencies.  The District will ensure that it's members, individually and collectively, strive to meet the intent of the mission of the Clements Fire District in regards to education and personal commitment while maintaining the highest level of professional conduct and standards as mandated by the fire service.

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